Lancaster Family Promise Mission Statement.

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Family Promise of Lancaster County mobilizes the faith community to empower homeless families to achieve lasting independence.




Family Promise was founded on the belief that Americans are compassionate people who want to make a difference. Our promise has been to link those in need with those who want to help. Seventeen years and 110,000 volunteers later, our pledge is ever broader and deeper.

We work to accomplish our mission through four program areas:

Interfaith Hospitality Networks (IHNs) provide shelter, meals, and comprehensive support services to homeless families.

Family Mentoring helps prevent homelessness by training volunteers to be advisors and advocates to low-income families.

Just Neighbors, an interactive educational program, raises awareness of the root causes of poverty and homelessness as the first step in establishing community-based responses.

Community Initiatives foster local IHN outgrowth programs, such as transitional housing, job training, childcare, and literacy.

Services Provided by Family Promise of Lancaster County, Inc.

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Congregations will provide overnight accommodations for homeless families for one week every quarter, on a rotating basis. Volunteers at the host church will greet the guests and provide dinner, participate in games and storytelling with young children, assist parents with resumes and school children with homework, and participate in other activities with and provide compassionate fellowship for all of the guests.  Another pair of volunteers will spend the night at the church with the families and see them off in the morning.  Transportation is provided by van between the weekly host church and the FPLC Day Center located at 304 East Arch Street.

Guests will use the Day Center each day from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to shower, care for pre-school children, tend to other daily activities, and seek employment and housing. Many guests are employed during the day and go to work. During the school year, children go to school. The day center provides guests with a mailing address and a home base from which to conduct their housing search. The Network Director’s office will be at the day center.  

FPLC will employ a full-time professional social worker as the Network Director.  The Director will provide the guests with comprehensive case management services and assist them in their quest to regain a stable housing situation.  The Director will also oversee the volunteer effort at the Day Center and the host church operations and will handle the day-to-day business of the Network.

The Director and the Board of Trustees will maintain a close working relationship with local social service agencies, including, but not limited to, Christian Services, HOPE, the Salvation Army, United Way, and the Red Cross.  In addition to being primary sources of referrals for FPLC, these agencies may also help guests find housing, jobs, and other services.